Outremer charter fleet

From the former Outremer 45 to the new 45, the 51 and the superb Outremer 5X that endears itself to media coverage, you’ll find a selection of proprietary boats put up for charter. This selection will enable you to enjoy your own personalised adventure, for both short and long durations.

Outremer 45 New :

Location catamaran outremer 45 nouveau

The flagship of the Outremer fleet. The new 45 is a successful enhancement of the original Danson-designed Outremer 45.
A little sister to the Outremer 51 and 5X, she shares their key values: seaworthy, high-performance, easy to manoeuvre and simple to use. She is designed for long-distance cruising, either as a couple or with family.
A fabulous balance between performance and comfort in the Outremer!

Outremer 45 (DANSON)


With this emblematic model created back in 2000, Outremer and Gérard Danson designed what was to prove to be a class-leading catamaran in global production for some 10 years. Simple, easy to helm even on your own, her performance is worthy of a 50-footer.
A superb boat for circumnavigating the globe, she will make you feel at ease whatever the skipper’s level of proficiency.

  Outremer 55


A Gérard Danson design, the Outremer 55 is an improvement of the 45, with improved accommodation, more spacious hulls and a longer waterline. The result is a simple, fast, seaworthy catamaran that is exceptionally comfortable under sail! A boat that will delight experienced and novice sailors alike!

 Outremer 49/51

Location de voilier outremer 51

An emblematic model from the Outremer yard, the 51 draws its DNA from the Outremer 49, which is THE European reference! A chord is certainly being struck then by giving the Outremer range a whole new look:
With a new exterior and interior design, generous bathing platforms and functional modifications for use by her occupants, the Outremer 49/51 are exploring the seaworthy qualities of the French yard even further with enhanced habitability for the range.
Don’t delay in discovering this excellent reference boat for round the world sailors!

Outremer 5X

Location de catamaran outremer 5X

The range’s flagship, voted “European boat of the year 2013”, Multihull, she is continuing her momentum in 2014 and has also secured the title of Cruising World “Boat of the Year” in the United States!
She can be summed up in a few words: sleek, fast, fluid, reassuring and here we have the very best Outremer Yachting has to offer: the 5X.
A model of balance and serenity, this catamaran has been designed to satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs through her comfort, her design and her habitability. A true proprietary boat, she will charm you through her ergonomics and the straightforwardness of life aboard her that facilitates speed and broadens your range.