La flotte

The overseas rental fleet


From the old Outremer 45 to the media-friendly Outremer 5X, including the new 45 and the 51, you will find a selection of owner’s boats available for charter. This selection will allow you to have a personalized experience from short to long term.

Outremer 45

Location catamaran outremer 45

No need for extensive sailing experience to sail the Outremer 45 (a 48-foot catamaran).

Easy to control from the helm, everything is within reach and the clear view on all four ends of the boat guarantees easy maneuvers, even when sailing solo. With its narrow hulls and light weight, acceleration is exhilarating. The feeling of gliding along, snug in a comfortable seat, with a tiller in hand, is exhilarating. But don’t worry, if you leave the helm to the autopilot or if the wind picks up, the Outremer 45 is the most tolerant of catamarans. Serenity on a long cruise is non-negotiable on an Outremer.

Outremer 51


With a load capacity far greater than that of the Outremer 45, this best-seller of the range, twice awarded European Yacht Of the Year and Boat Of the Year in the United States, is the reference travel catamaran for family sailing around the world. Powerful and easy to handle, with unequalled resistance, it has proven itself on all the seas of the globe.

  Outremer 55

More than 35 years of experience in the design of blue water cruising catamarans, millions of miles sailed on all seas, allow us to present today an exceptional blue water catamaran. With the best architects and designers, we have been able to take advantage of the latest developments, both in engineering and in the mastery of composite materials, to obtain the ideal compromise between quality of life, performance and sailing comfort. The Outremer 55 is easy to maneuver, with a small crew or single-handed, and offers living spaces, ergonomics, light and ventilation that set new standards.

Outremer 5X

Location de catamaran outremer 5X

Flagship of the range, elected “European Boat of the Year 2013″, it continues its momentum in 2014 and wins the title of “Boat of the Year” in the United States!

Everything is said in a few words: Racy, fast, fluid, reassuring, here is the best of Outremer Yachting: The 5X.
A model of balance and serenity, this catamaran was designed to satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs with its comfort, design and habitability. A true owner’s boat, it will seduce you with its ergonomics and its ease of living on board to go faster and hear your range of action.