Who are we ?

Outremer Charter By GLS: Who are we?

Grand Large Services was created back in 2010 from a meeting between Jean-Pierre BALMES (racer and long-distance sailor), Stephan Constance and Xavier DESMAREST, the managers of the Grand Large Yachting Group, which encompasses the Allures yards, which they founded, along with Outremer and Garcia.

Given that the notion of proximity and service is at the very core of the group’s strategy, it was entirely fitting for Grand Large Services to set up shop in the Outremer Yachting yard. The idea behind this is to support the group’s boat owners throughout their various projects, whilst adding their own special touch in terms of the services provided.

At the end of 2012, Pierre Delhomeau fleshed out the ranks of the Grand Large Services’ team, which boasts an array of operations, from supporting owners in the purchase of a boat, through to her resale and including her upkeep, modifications and charter.

In order to offer the same quality of service right around the globe, Grand Large Services relies on a network of partners and approved service points, which are located at stopovers along the main sea routes.