Why Outremer catamaran

Grand Rental catamaran trip

Outremers, proprietary catamarans:


Get off the beaten track! Discover the array of different catamarans for charter. Every Outremer is unique because she has been built to order for her owner. As such Outremers benefit from the high quality of finish and maintenance support required by their discerning owners.

Boats tailored for long-distance cruising

Sail with complete freedom and rid yourself of harbour constraints thanks to being fully equipped for long-distance cruising: desalinator, washing machine, solar panels, hydrogenerator and wind turbine, etc. (specific inventories that vary according to the craft). With their spacious stowage areas, you’ll have plenty of room to store your surf and windsurfing boards, paddles and diving equipment, which is a real luxury.

A single aim, Enjoyment:


Recognised for their thrilling sensations at the helm, the Outremers exude pure sailing pleasure. On the latest generation craft you’ll have an exciting ride slipping through the water thanks to her responsive and light helm. The minute there’s a sniff of breeze, cut the engines and relish the ability to make headway under sail. To access the peace and quiet of the more remote anchorages, simply raise the daggerboards. Finally, make the most of the fabulous land and seascapes from the second you wake thanks to a sea view from each of the cabins on the Outremer 49, 51 and 5X.

Outremer, unique performance:


Trim your sails and slip through the water as fast as the wind. The craft’s raked mast and slender hulls limit the pitching and cut through the waves with ease. The top-of-the-range equipment on each craft will enable you to further improve your performance on the water (infusion structure for increased lightness as well as a carbon mast and a fathead mainsail on certain models).

The whole ensemble provides unequalled comfort:


Like any catamaran, the Outremer doesn’t heel! You will be sailing on the level and anchoring with a boat that doesn’t roll. Thanks to her two hulls and the spacious living quarters, you’ll be able to sail with family or friends in complete privacy. Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy expansive, wraparound vision thanks to panoramic views from the saloon and the cockpit of the 49, 51 and 5X. Finally, you’re sure to appreciate the single-level saloon/cockpit areas on these craft, which make it easier to get around the boat.

Safety and quality:


For the past 30 years, Outremer Yachting has offered its clients a unique build quality for optimum safety. Indeed the Outremers are designed to be sailed shorthanded. Your manœuvres become child’s play thanks to unhampered vision from the helming station and 2 widely spaced engines to pivot on the spot and facilitate port manoeuvres. Added to that, the retractable daggerboards will enable you to sail to windward better and benefit from increased safety in rough weather.

The Outremer experience:


Come and enjoy a taster session on these exceptional boats. An unforgettable adventure on one of the ‘most exciting cruising catamarans on the market’.